15 reasons why you should Date an Engineer

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Deciding on internet dating a professional? Listed below are 15 reasoned explanations why you should:

1. Your parents will accept.

2. You will have a pencil as it’s needed. Only look behind his/her ear canal.

3. Cannot perform some mathematics? Your big date would love to solve those problems for you.

4. If you buy property collectively, it’ll be structurally sound.

5. Conflict quality shall be approached in a calm, logical manner.

6. No pretentious food options. Just keep your fridge stocked with beer.

7. The clocks in your kitchen stove and DVD player will be set and synched.

8. Designers are always up for challenging.

9. Stress and stress in an union is actually workable. Designers never try to escape from a problem.

10. No lazy solutions to matchmaking right here. Engineers are quite ready to “do it correct the first time.”

11. You can easily joke about rubbing and gravitational interest.

12. Have pc issues? The date can eliminate “bugs” available.

13. Those broken gadgets in your house can get fixed — and perchance enhanced.

14. Should talk late at night? Designers can handle all-nighters.

15. Designers are acclimatized to putting on rings. Simply sayin’.


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